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the right gardening supplies can make tasks easier

Gardening Supplies You Need for Easy Outdoor Plant Care

February 15, 2019

Having the right gardening supplies on hand makes it much easier to care for your outdoor plants. You may love spending time out in the garden, putting new plants in the ground and giving them the TLC they ...

Annual Flowers & Perennial Flowers – What’s the Difference?

February 8, 2019

You can find an array of gorgeous annual flowers and perennial flowers at your local garden center. But how do these two types of plants differ? If you’re not quite sure, you’re not alone. Here at Mill ...

Garden center guide to spring soil mix

Garden Center Guide to Spring Soil Maintenance

February 1, 2019

At your local garden center, you can find everything you need to help your spring plantings flourish – and that includes expert advice on soil maintenance. If garden growth and plant health have been pro ...

How to train a climbing rose bush

How to Train a Climbing Rose Bush

January 23, 2019

A climbing rose bush, with trails of beautiful blooms, makes for a stunning garden focal point. Getting to that point, however, doesn’t come without some effort on your part. Left to their own devices, c ...

Plant nursery gardening tips

Top 10 Plant Nursery Tips for Easier Gardening

January 13, 2019

Who doesn’t love browsing the local plant nursery and having gorgeous, bountiful home gardens? Unfortunately, doing the work to create a lush landscape can sometimes seem like a chore. Take heart, howeve ...