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choosing christmas tree

Plant Nursery Tips for Choosing the Perfect Christmas Tree

November 29, 2018

Visiting your local plant nursery to choose a Christmas tree is a fun holiday tradition and, for many families, this annual trek creates lifelong memories. However, finding a good-looking, healthy specimen ...

water indoor plants

How to Properly Water Indoor Plants

November 22, 2018

For anyone with a green thumb, watering indoor plants is second nature. For novice gardeners, however, figuring out when and how much to water can be a challenge – and incorrect techniques can put housep ...

gardening gift ideas

Gardening Gift Ideas for Senior Gardeners

November 15, 2018

Are you looking for practical gardening gift ideas for the seniors on your holiday list? For many older adults, spending time out in the garden can be painful but the right tools and gardening supplies can ...

november gardening utah

Garden Center Calendar: November Gardening Tasks

November 8, 2018

In November, gardening tasks primarily involve getting ready for the frosty weather, since winter is right around the corner. When it’s too cold or wet to work outside, visiting your local garden center ...

fall trees landscaping

Top 10 Landscaping Trees for Fabulous Fall Color

October 25, 2018

Plant the right landscaping trees, and your northern Utah property can have breathtaking beauty all year long. In the spring and summer, perennials and annual flowers tend to steal the show. Once fall arri ...