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garden center salt lake city

Creating a Zen Garden

August 5, 2014

Originally created by Buddhist monks as a means of meditation, Zen gardens aren’t just beautiful, eco-friendly and relatively easy to create, but they also offer mental, emotional and even physical healt ...

Introducing kids to gardening utah

Introducing Kids to Gardening

July 29, 2014

The middle of summer is the perfect time to start a “child’s garden,” since the attention span of little ones often isn’t long enough for all of that spring prep work you did. As the weather heats ...

Harvest Garden

Getting Ready to Harvest

July 14, 2014

Many backyard gardeners prefer blossoms and herbs for the summer, but heartier veggies and fruits in the autumn. If you hope to have an edible option in your backyard come the fall, it’s time to start pr ...

garden with stone landscaping

Trends in Summer Landscaping

June 24, 2014

Sometimes “gardening” isn’t just about which annuals you’re planting this year, but rather the entire theme of your landscape. Not everyone with a green thumb is a natural veggie lover or flower fa ...

Frugal Gardening Tips

4 Frugal Gardening Tips

June 16, 2014

Gardening can be tremendously expensive or nearly free—it depends on your budget, creativity and goals. For the frugal gardener, you might want to harvest an edible or gorgeous garden without breaking th ...