The curb appeal of your front yard is one of the most important aspects of your landscape. As the first thing people see when approaching your house, your front yard shows the world how much pride you take in your property and allows you to share your unique sense of style and beauty. It's also the first thing YOU see every time you come home, significantly affecting how comfortable and relaxed you feel in your space. If your front yard could do with a little makeover this spring, here are some of our favorite design tips to help you put it on the map!

How Do You Design a Front Yard for Utah?

There are plenty of design elements you can use to add a bit of "wow" to your front yard, even if "wow" just means making it more functional and pleasing to the eye than a patch of grass. Here are a few of our favorite front yard design trends, along with some ideas to help you incorporate them into your unique landscape:

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Flower Beds

Building flower beds in your front yard is a great way to add texture, dimension, and color. Whether you're simply planting a flower bed in front of your house or extending one right out into the yard, adding some arrangements of perfect perennials and abundant annuals will instantly make your front yard more dynamic and visually interesting. Try using natural stones or pre-made blocks to edge your garden beds, and experiment with plants of different heights and foliage for dramatic effect in your front yard. If you're into variety, you can also plant seasonal flower beds that constantly change throughout the year. 

Shrubs for Privacy

We love the look of perennial shrubs in a front yard landscape, and there are so many great choices for Salt Lake City that will give you both seasonal beauty and a ton of privacy! While we recommend planting native plants where you can, some of our other favorites for the Utah climate include Japanese rose, boxwood, Cliff rose, hardy hydrangeas, and Apache plume. Just be sure to stay up-to-date with your annual pruning to keep your shrubs from growing unruly. 

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Rock Features

Using rocks in front yard garden settings is a top design choice for many gardeners and designers alike. Not only can you use them to make fantastic retaining walls for flower beds, but you can also get creative with rockeries, stepping stones, or stone pathways. For extra dimension and a bit of playfulness, use rocks and pebbles to break up flower beds, or make your own Zen garden using pebbles, sand, and statuary. Rock areas also pair nicely with water features, like small streams to divert rainwater, waterfalls, and ponds.  

Wildflower Patch

A great way to add interest and a touch of eco-friendly fabulousness is to ditch the lawn and plant a wildflower garden! A growing trend among gardeners, planting a wildflower patch increases the health of Utah's ecosystem by attracting local pollinators and offering the local wildlife a diverse range of food sources. Perennial wildflowers are also quite drought tolerant, making them excellent water-wise additions to your front yard design!

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Planting a tree or two in your front yard instantly adds character, stature, and a sense of permanence to your property. If you have a single larger tree, build a flower bed around its base for a bit of country charm, or plant a trio of smaller trees in their own garden bed surrounded by lush foliage, pollinator-friendly perennials, and a border of rocks. Large trees planted in your front yard are also perfect for privacy and offer shade during the warmer months. Choosing a tree with colored leaves or blossoms, like the Red Horse Chestnut, Crabapple, and Eastern Redbuds, also adds great texture during seasonal changes. 

Cottage Garden

Nothing compares to the look of a quaint country cottage, its front yard bursting full of blooms that climb, twist, and compete all the way to the front door. Cottage gardens are great space savers because you can plant perennials, annuals, fruits, and veggies together in true English style. 

If you've enjoyed our front yard design tips, stop by and visit us at Millcreek Gardens in Salt Lake City, UT, for more tips and supplies to help you take your landscape to the next level.