Plant fast-growing shade trees at your Northern Utah property, and you’ll have beauty, privacy and protection from the sun within a few short years. Today we will take a look at some of the most popular varieties that are well-suited to the growing conditions in the greater Salt Lake City area and along the Wasatch Front.

fast growing shade trees for northern utah landscapes

Red Maple

Red maple is a favorite for Northern Utah landscapes, due to both its tolerance of varying soil conditions and quick growth rate – up to two feet per year! These shade trees are also prized for their beauty, as they offer gorgeous red color during every season – buds in the winter, blooms in the spring and leafstalks throughout summer.

Hybrid Poplar

For attractive, fast-growing shade trees, hybrid poplars are at the top of the list. These beauties work well as visual screens and, with an annual vertical growth capacity of up to 8 feet, they provide a quick route to a shady landscape.

Northern Red Oak

With its beautiful spreading canopy and brilliant fall color, the northern red oak is widely considered a valuable addition to any Northern Utah landscape. Height increases for these brilliant sun-blocking trees can top more than two feet per year, and they’re well-suited for both urban and rural settings.

Sawtooth Oak

Sawtooth oak trees can boost the curb appeal of any property, as the wide-spreading foliage offers gorgeous seasonal color. The leaves are bright yellow in the spring, dark, lustrous green in the summertime and golden brown in the fall. Add in the fast growth rate of one to two feet per year, and it’s easy to see why the sawtooth oak is a popular choice.


Tuliptrees are stunning, fast-growing trees that can gain up to two feet in height each year. Named for their tulip-shaped outline of the leaves and their cup-shaped yellow flowers, these brilliant shade trees also grow quite tall, reaching up to 90 feet.

Japanese Zelkova

With an attractive, vase-shaped form and an oval crown that increases in height by up two feet per year, the Japanese zelkova is a beautiful option for urban and rural landscapes. The fall colors these trees display is intense, with leaves turning yellow, orange, deep red or purplish-red.

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