Having the right gardening supplies on hand makes it much easier to care for your outdoor plants.

You may love spending time out in the garden, putting new plants in the ground and giving them the TLC they need to thrive. But you have to admit – keeping your outdoor plants at their best can be hard work.

If you don’t already own the following gardening supplies, or if yours aren’t in such great shape, go to your local garden center and make a purchase. You’ll be glad you did, as these tools and gear make for easier plant care.
the right gardening supplies can make tasks easier

Protective Gear

When you’re gardening, you’re using sharp tools and sitting or kneeling on rough surfaces. Plus, you’re often out in the sun. Protecting yourself from harm is essential, and the right gear also helps make gardening more comfortable and enjoyable. To that end, plant care professionals recommend investing in:

  • Flexible leather or cotton stretch gardening gloves with padded palms and elastic cuffs
  • A padded kneeler seat, preferably a fold-flat model with wheels for easy transportation
  • Spray-on, full-spectrum sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat for sun protection

Planting Tools

Putting new outdoor plants in the soil and giving them proper care can be hard work, no matter how you slice it. However, the following gardening supplies can make these tasks at least a little less taxing:

  • A classic garden rake to clear away spent annuals and plant bed debris
  • A pitchfork to easily remove rocks and large obstructions from the soil
  • A spade or garden shovel to make digging tasks much easier
  • A user-friendly trowel and cultivator for planting seeds and aerating compacted soil
  • Ergonomic hand pruners, lopping shears and a pole pruner to cut back outdoor plants

Watering Supplies

Outdoor plants need a drink of water now and then to survive – every gardener knows that. For an easier time handling all of the watering, pick up these gardening supplies at your local garden center:

  • A soaker hose, or alternatively, a solid rubber hose that’s long enough to reach your garden beds, with an ergonomic spray nozzle
  • An automatic rewind garden hose reel for easy control and convenient storage
  • A water wand with a telescoping handle for hard-to-reach plants
  • A weather-resistant watering can for delicate outdoor plants

Transporting Tools

Often, when you’re out working in the garden, you need to transport heavy gardening supplies – like mulch, soil, fertilizer and flats of plants — from one area to another. As this can be back-breaking labor, plant care professionals advise investing in:

  • A rolling garden seat that features ample storage for carrying supplies
  • A lightweight, easy-to-maneuver garden wheelbarrow with heavy-duty wheels
  • A potting bench to store supplies in a convenient space, putting everything you need to care for outdoor plants in easier reach

You can find all of these gardening supplies – and many more – at Millcreek Gardens. And, since our friendly staff loves to share their expertise, you can also find answers to all of your questions about caring for outdoor plants.

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