There are many cases where you may want some beautiful flowers like tulips or daffodils as part of your garden, but either you don’t have a lawn to plant them in or your soil has issues with drainage. In these cases, don’t fret – these flowers are just as robust if they’re planted in various containers, and this is a viable option as well.

At Millcreek Gardens, we offer a variety of garden plants, gardening tools and other supplies to assist with all your Salt Lake City gardening and landscaping needs. Here are some of the simplest tips on how to proceed if you’re looking to plant tulips or daffodils in containers this spring, from container selection to long-term care.

planting tulips daffodils containers

Selecting the Ideal Container

One of your first items here is selecting the proper container. Here are some tips:

  • Tulips: For tulips, a relatively large container will be required – we typically recommend at least 18 inches in diameter, plus a tall outside height. If you plan to leave these out year-round, you should go even larger to allow the bulbs space and protect them against freezing.
  • Daffodils: Daffodils don’t require quite as tall a container, but because they have deep root systems that can go about a foot deep, you’ll want something that’s at least 12 inches or so deep. Make sure the container has good drainage holes in its bottom – otherwise, your flowers will drown!

Soil and Planting

Once your ideal container is selected, it’s time to move onto soil selection and positioning. For both tulips and daffodils, select a soil that’s light and fluffy. A combination of peat moss, perlite, vermiculite and compost is ideal for providing the adequate drainage required for both tulips and daffodils.

When planting, which is often done in fall, plant in similar ways as you would if you were growing in normal soil. You won’t need to fertilize at all here, luckily. And for both these types, placing bulbs in a general circle, one where they have some space from one another, is ideal.

Watering and Care

After planting, both these plants should be moved to cool, dark locations with temperatures between 35 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit. One of the most important parts of their care is regular watering, which should include several deep waterings during the early parts of their life. And keep in mind that bulbs will need to be replanted every three to five years; if you leave them in their original container for too long, they won’t flower as vibrantly or reliably.

At Millcreek Gardens, we’re proud to offer all the supplies you need for a successful container garden of tulips and daffodils. Come visit us today to get started, or to learn about any of our SLC gardening products or services!