Products, Tools and Supplies for Your Salt Lake City Garden

Whether you’re a beginner gardener, seasoned green thumb or landscape expert, Millcreek Gardens has everything you need. We not only carry some of the widest plant and tree selections, we’re also the community’s go-to source of garden products and supplies in Salt Lake City, Utah. Anything you need for a vibrant, lush and prolific garden is here.

Garden Fertilizers

Great soil produces great plants. Enrich your garden soil with natural organic plant food products for a bountiful garden. We have a long list of 100 percent organic fertilizers with mineral-, plant-, or animal-based origins and time-release ingredients. We carry diverse products for trees, plants, shrubs and flowers from trusted brands such as Espoma, ferti-lome, Azomite, Dr. Earth, Fox Farm, Natural Guard and Milorganite.

Soils and Soil Conditioners

Thriving and nutrient-rich soil is the foundation every successful gardener needs. If you have poor soil on your property, head to Millcreek Gardens for conditioners, amendments and ready-made soil mixes for all types of plants. Take advantage of our knowledge; we can give you plenty of advice on how to improve your soil’s structure, drainage and aeration, as well as make your own compost.

Disease and Pest Control

Some insects are beneficial for plants, but some can be a real thorn for gardeners. When you need to eradicate pests, don’t just use any commercial pesticide you can find. We offer safe and eco-friendlier ways to keep pests and bugs at bay. We also have natural remedies and plenty of tips for avoiding and curing plant diseases.

Gardening Tools

Millcreek Gardens is a world of landscape supplies and garden products. From basic hand tools and planters of all shapes, colors and sizes to tree pruning and landscaping equipment. With our comprehensive inventory of high-quality tools, we turn what may be considered a “chore” into an enjoyable experience — just what gardening or landscaping should be.  

For all your plant, garden and landscape supply needs in Salt Lake City, choose Millcreek Gardens. Find exactly what you need and benefit from our five decades’ worth of expertise. We look forward to seeing you.