Plant the right landscaping trees, and your northern Utah property can have breathtaking beauty all year long.

In the spring and summer, perennials and annual flowers tend to steal the show. Once fall arrives and the flowers fade away, deciduous trees become the focus – how could they not, with their riot of fiery-hued foliage? Here, in no particular order, are our favorite landscaping trees for eye-catching fall color.

fall trees landscaping

No. 1: Sugar Maple

With vibrant red, yellow and burnt orange leaves in the fall – and the vast growth potential – the sugar maple makes a big landscape statement.

No. 2: Red Maple

As the name suggests, the red maple has gorgeous red foliage in the fall. But, autumn leaves of this landscaping tree can also burst forth in fiery shades of yellow and orange.

No. 3: Paper Birch

With its bright white bark and heart-shaped leaves, the paper birch already attracts attention. When autumn arrives, however, the brilliant golden color really draws the eye.

No. 4: American Sweetgum

Featuring glossy, star-shaped leaves that turn striking shades of purple, orange, red and yellow in the autumn, the American sweetgum is always a stand-out choice.

No. 5: Witch Hazel

The spectacular fall color of the witch hazel lasts all season, with yellow to yellow-orange foliage accompanied by fragrant spidery blooms in the same bewitching shades.

No. 6: Red Dogwood

A stunner in the spring, the red dogwood tree is no slouch in the autumn – the foliage turns a vivid reddish purple, and the branches hang with glossy red fruit.

No. 7: Ginkgo

The fan-shaped leaves of the ginkgo are absolutely stunning. In the fall, the foliage displays a dazzling show of radiant yellow color that stops people in their tracks.

No. 8: Downy Serviceberry

Another all-season beauty among landscaping trees, the downy serviceberry puts out impressive red and gold foliage in the autumn months.

No. 9: Yellow Poplar

Yellow poplars are beloved for their incredible fall color. With large butter-yellow leaves that are among the first to turn in autumn, this landscaping tree always turns heads.

No. 10: Smoketree

The smoketree, named for its wispy blooms that resemble puffs of smoke, isn’t prized only for its unique flowers. In the fall, the leaves turn yellow, then darken to red. By the end of the season, the foliage is a marvelous shade of dark purple.

Are you thinking about planting new landscaping trees for a fall foliage show at your northern Utah property? Find these varieties, along with a vast selection of other outdoor plants and shrubs for amazing autumn beauty, at Millcreek Gardens.

And, if you have questions, our friendly staff is more than happy to offer advice on how to give your yard fantastic fall color. To chat with the Millcreek Gardens team, or to shop for new landscaping trees, visit our Salt Lake City garden center today.